Denver, Stop 1 of the Baby Tour

A couple of weeks ago we hopped on Southwest to visit my family in Denver. I like to call this "Baby Tour Part 1" as we had meeting my baby cousin Rowen on the agenda. I have to say he is quite cute, with his big bobble head and penchant for throwing himself around suicidally in whoever has the luck to be holding him in their arms. The trip to Heidi's house didn't fail to entertain either there was an exciting beagle fight for pre-dinner entertainment! As always my Aunt and Uncle were generous hosts opening not one but two of their homes to us. We got to see the best of Denver from their downtown flat and the best of the mountains from the McCotter creek ranch! I have to say, I definitely didn't want to go home... ever, but alas one can only impose on those we love for so long. If I am really honest with myself though I'm not sure if I can handle the pace of life of my Aunt and Uncle, by the fifth day I was comatose in the guest bedroom. I'd like to blame it on the altitude but the truth is they are just fitter and more fun than I am.

Some of the highlights of the trip included a narrow-gauge train ride , country-style Japanese food and an incredible hike in the Gore Mountains. Sure my retiree Uncle kicked my ass climbing through the mountains but I can take the humiliation in stride seeing as I've never claimed physical fitness as one of my fortes. Pics have been posted in the Photo Album. Stay tuned for the Baby Tour Part 2 later this summer!

Posted on June 11, 2006 and filed under Adventures in the World.