Bitter in Tacoma and Grumpy in Sac

Today I just started editing the fotos we took in Denver, as Chhimi-Gad has been mercilessly harassing me to see them and I realized something. Arnold and I are photo sluts, I mean there are hardly any photos of other people even though we visited my cousin's adorable baby for the first time ever. I mean sure there was a dramatic beagle fight when we went to visit and we took 99% of the pics in Otter Creek when the baby wasn't around, but still? Anyway a recap and pics to come of our Denver adventures! I am admittedly slow to do this since we've been back for more than a week, but still I'm still in a post-Denver depression. Vacation is always so much better than work. But anyways....

Thank you to my new blog reader "Bitter in Tacoma" Let's talk about him for awhile.

How much do I love my friend "Bitter in Tacoma"?

He just moved to Tacoma to work in a zoo, a zoo! How cool is that? I don't know what he does, despite the fact that he told me at some point. I save most of my memory power for remembering to hit people when I see VW bugs. Also he's hapa so we have that in common, and he know all the words to Lady Marmalade, including Little Kim's rap, plus I think he is the only person who is as good as me at making everyday interactions sound four times as dramatic/interesting. Now that I think about it, maybe we should battle next time I see him to see who can exaggerate more, actually that is a bad idea, cause I think I might lose, and as anyone who knows me can attest, I detest losing which is why I refuse to participate in anything that I am not at least reasonably good at, thus the non-participation in group sports. Also he was part of the Swalsa BS which is  on summer vacation so he came to the crapartment a lot... to Sacramento... sometimes as far as from my hometown in C-o-n-c-o-r-d- Concord, Concord, Concord High! Oh, sorry, it was a high school flashback. Anyhoo, bitter is great and I just realized that if I can continue blogging at this time of night I will officially become a nerd. Night y'all!

Posted on June 6, 2006 and filed under Nothing to Do with Anything.