It's in the blood

Random Story #1 So I have this philosophy about driving, "what is ahead is most important". I mean obviously I check my blind spots look around, look at my rear view occasionally but mostly I am trying not to run into people who are in front of me because I figure most of the time you are driving you are looking ahead. I also apply this to walking which I guess is why according to Sara during the time we are in L.A. I plowed through/cut off like a billion people. And I bet it's true, I run into walls and people all the time. Many times at work I run into the side of my cubicle cause I don't give myself enough space rounding the corner. Good thing I was grown short because apparently I am not cut out for the runway life. So is there a point? Not really, but while we were at the Asian Mart yesterday about a billion people ran into me and Arnold said "Oh my God, it's in the blood." I'd like to think that my tendency to barrel through people in public places is some kind of genetic hand-me-down from my father but I"m not so sure. When I was in Chile people used to ram into me on the street all the time, but that could be attributed to the fact that there are way more people on the street in Chile.

Random Story #2 On the way out of the insanely busy Asian Mart parking lot this Indian lady cut us off, Arnold let her go first which is what she did but not without stopping to give us the most malevolent evil eye I've seen in the while. I mean it was so ferocious I coul barely suppress my giggles. Arnold said "I feel sorry for her kids."

Random Story #3 At Arnold's graduation yesterday I was siting next to this Asian lady. I say Asian cause I can pretty much only identify Tagalog, after that it's hard for me to identify languages. Now here comes the part that has gained her entry into During the ceremony she took out a pair of nail clippers and started clipping dead skin from a blister off of her hand. INSIDE THE THEATER where he graduation was being held. I thought I would die of laughter, I mean SERIOUSLY! Then five seconds later she and her husband ploughed through me to jam out of the theater before the graduates came barreling up the stairs. Good grief.

Tip of the Day: Yesterday Arnold and I discovered the joy that is Vietnamese sandwiches at our new favorite store Huang La. They have an awesome point and order by number menu and you can get your sandwich for $2.00. I don't think I've ordered anything besides french fries for under two dollars within the past five years. The South Sac site is not super convenient, but I'll ride in the coche for 10 minutes for two dollar sandwiches and bubble tea.

Posted on May 21, 2006 and filed under Nothing to Do with Anything.