Weddings - Part 2 Congratulations RonRon and Jasmine!

Last weekend was Wedding Number 2, with the Maghanoys adding one to their number. Welcome Jasmine! As the best man said my cousin Ron like to do things big... BIG! And I have to agree, there were 400 people at this wedding. I was seated at table that was all cousins, just from the grooms side. At the wedding there was entertainment a live band, hula dancers, but the best part was an impromptu serenade that Jasmine gave in the middle of the wedding. Good grief, she was amazing, like Wes said "It's like a movie!" Second best part of the wedding, when the live band played "Memory" from Cats as the first cha-cha of the night. I thought I would die, it was awesome! Even more awesome all my aunts and uncles jumping up to cha-cha to Cats. Other notable moments: 1) Jasmine's sister saying how in high school Jasmine was on the wrestling team and entered beauty pageants on the side

2) Nathan getting overzealous with the hitting the glass with the fork thing and breaking some stemware

3) Anything involving my Dad who told Arnold that he couldn't come to Rodney's wedding because he had been busy "hunting commies" last weekend. Priceless.

And continuing with good news, today Arnold got a job teaching SUMMER SCHOOL. He got his first job before even graduating from the credential program. YAY! I'm so proud of him! And even better he's going to be teaching ESL. Rock on RockStar!

Posted on May 3, 2006 and filed under Maghanoy Madness.