April 26th! THE DAY OF TRUTH

So yesterday morning the big day finally came, our face off with the ex-landlord in small claims court. Despite several waves of nerve-induced nausea the day before(wow that word was hard to spell) it was surprisingly easy. And admittedly I have to thank my landlord for that, he was unexpectedly polite and non-confrontational throughout the same process. I cannot say that for some of the other people who went to trial that day. One man in particular was really getting into it with a United Airlines rep. Weird.

In the next ten days the judge will send us a decision, but that is secondary to the personal triumph of standing up for yourself and getting to say the truth about what happened in court. It felt really good, not in a vengeful sort of way, but good nonetheless. And on the way out the ex-landlord told me "If you prevail in this case, I will send you a check and an apology letter immediately." Hmmmmm..... Just goes to show you that everybody has good and bad sides, sinners that we are. Like most I always expect people to be one or the other, not both...

Posted on April 26, 2006 and filed under Nothing to Do with Anything.