Weddings Part 1

Congratulations Roderick and Veronica! Roderick is one of my cousins on the Maghanoy side and he and his lovely now-wife Veronica have officially kicked off the wedding marathon that will be the next three weeks. They had a great wedding with lots of family fun, dancing, touching speeches and most importantly good food! Although Roderick and his family are technically not Maghanoys by name, they are Maghanoys at heart. Roderick, Rodney, Eileen and my Aunt Eleanor are kind, generous and really fun. Most importantly over the past two years they've displayed more grace and hope during tragedy that could every be reasonably expected of a family in their place. Veronica is lucky to be marrying into their family and we are lucky to have her. It's enough to make somebody think "I wish I was a Nunez..."

Posted on April 24, 2006 and filed under Maghanoy Madness.