The floors have been baptized

Yesterday we finally officially had people over to our new apartment, we provided bagel bites and cream puffs. Healthy right? Thank goodness our guests brought fruits and veggies. But I feel a bit redeemed as we burned some of all the food off pretending we were on Dancing with the Stars. And I was so proud of everybody for trying out three different dances! Renee's sweet daughter Akalyah also did a great job organizing party games, such as the apartment name game contest.... Here were the contenders.... El Partment, P-Studio, La Gran Casa de Emily y Arnold, Our harbor from the city, The teachers' abode, La Caja Bonita, Casa Baila, The Castle, Emily's Many Windowed and Hardwooded floor apt., Lucia, Casabella, Non-Crapartment, Chez Nous

Which one will win? I think I'll try to decide by next week. Also by special request from my Mommy, here are some pictures of our yet-to-be-named apartment.

Posted on April 17, 2006 and filed under Livin la Vida Loca.