Pick up the phone

I hate answering the phone. In high school and college I used to love talking on the phone for hours and hours and hours, but now I have an aversion to talking on the phone, the thing just exhausts me, so, well I hardly ever pick up the phone, with the exception of my Mommy, my Gma, my husband or Debi. When Debi calls I know she will never want to talk for more than three seconds so she gets a pass. Well today Debi called me and my phone was turned off because I hate having it on, it's easier not to answer calls when the phone is off. Turns out this was a bad move because Debi was LYING ON THE FLOOR AFTER HAVING PASSED OUT AND BANGING HER HEAD on the floor in Longs Drugs! My best friend forever was having a major life crisis, called me bloody and delirious from the floor in Longs and I MISSED her call due to my phone aversion. Thank God she is alright, otherwise I would be crushed with guilt. So now I have a new reason to pick up the phone, somebody might be on the floor having a potential crisis. Also I have a new irrational fear that the people I love will die bloody on the floor of Longs and I will forever regret not having picked up the phone. Oh and the best part about this scenario?

Yup, there's a "best part"

I mean besides her being alive.

She told me "Just before I passed out I thought about Harry Potter"

I mean obviously.

Posted on April 13, 2006 and filed under Nothing to Do with Anything.