Crapartment Update - The Landlord strikes back!!!

Cue Imperial Death March here.... Well I thought the battle was over, but it turns out the owner of the crapartment had other plans and has retaliated by taking $280 out of our deposit for "unpaid March rent" and $200 for repairs for a hole about the size of my fist! He charged us for sheetrock! As if HE WOULD USE ANYTHING AS HIGH QUALITY AS SHEETROCK in the crapartment. I swear, if he had been in front of me when I got that letter I would have gone POSTAL! Fortunately for him I was

A) Hundreds of miles away from him

B) Forced to return to class after I got the news and had an hour of literary analysis to calm my rage.

So after a quick return to small claims to amend my "lawsuit" against him Arnold called him to explain to him one last time how "disappointed we are about the situation" My husband was so BRAVE, he was heroic as he sat there calmly talking to our lunatic ex-landlord about our "disappointment" and "unfair treatment". He was like a poster child for non-violent conflict resolution. Unfortunately ex-landlord just grumped at him that he "doesn't agree" etc. etc. If I had made the call, I am sure it would've escalated within, oh about 5 seconds.

So my friends I'm soliciting your help on two points... 1) What should I call the landlord on the blog? I am tired of calling him landlord, it's too dignified a title? All suggestions are welcome in the comments area.

2) Help me figure out how to do this and not go crazy?

How do you sue someone and not hate them? How do you ask for justice with vengeance? How do you pray for your enemies when all you want to do is punch them IN THE FACE! I'm no Daniel, in my bad moments I just wish el landlord was here so I could kick him where it counts! And as my brothers know, I am not above that. In my better moments it seems like the wrong thing to do but how do you stay calm when others are coming at you crazy? All advice welcome! Thanks in advance for your help.

And as a reward for your loyal readership and support I share this fantastic link courtesy of Vega...

Indian Pool Party

Posted on March 24, 2006 and filed under Livin la Vida Loca.