Adventures in Maghandiego

Lest you think I had forgotten about the Maghanoy family reunion here comes the recap of our San Diego adventure. The thing is I had forgotten that for the most part my family is not good at having "original" conversations. Don't get me wrong, Maghanoys love to hear themselves talk, but the actual words we speak tend to come from other sources, movies, songs, strangers we heard talk on the street. Also, although we make a lot of noise, it seems that we are more adept at shouting out one-liners than responding to what other people in the family might say. While this type of interaction is entertaining and enjoyable it makes for some difficulties in blog land. For example, here is a snippet of table conversation...

GAD - I think I might have parked in a red zone, I couldn't tell if it was red or green. (GAD is colorblind) We can't stay too long, I might get a ticket. Nathan - Genke Deska. Blah, blah, blah speaking various foreign languages to himself. Wes - I'm a man, made of brawn. Man who built the Eiffel Tower! (From Anchorman) Mom - Look I drew Wee Willie Winkie! (There were paper tablecloths at the restaurant) Dad- "What did I order for dinner?"

I just sat staring at them, it's really hard to make fun of all of them at once, so I have to plot out my strategy carefully. I can't pick on my brothers because they are too quick with their retorts, GAD was behaving so peaceful and sweet that I felt it was unfair to take advantage. So I decided to start with the weakest link, my Mom. Not one to let an educational opportunity pass by, Mom was very busy drawing an array of characters on the table including "Old Mother Hubbard and Jack and Jill"

Me - "Hey Mom, maybe you should stop hanging out with five-year olds since all your cultural references are nursery rhyme characters" Mom- "Wee willie Winkie is cool!" Me - "Don't you every watch movies or the news or something?" (This is of course a stupid strategy because Mom falls asleep the instant a movie comes on, she has movie-induced narcolepsy) Wes- "Em, If you opened up Mom's head, you would see candyland"

In awe of Remus' burn I decide to let up on my Mom for a while to set myself up to the important task of rearranging everything on the table. I believe this obsessive behavior is a reaction to the chaos of dinner conversations during my formative years. Imagine living through an hour of this lunacy every night. All dysfunctional aside I must congratulate the Maghanoys on several areas of personal growth...

1) My GAD did not yell at anybody all night. I was anticipating him to come back exploding like Mt. Helena after it took him more than 20 minutes to park, but he came back extremely calmly and ate his ahi in peace. Also he let us all eat our food without limiting our intake so that he could save our meals for his lunch the next day.

2) Nathan was quite generous with his filet mignon - or as he says fill-it-mig-none. Giving out a piece to each of us with very little complaint. And I was very impressed with his use of French at our quasi-french restaurant.

3) Wes has started listening to Shakira. What more could I ask?

4) My Mom made it through dinner without bossing anybody. It was a miracle worthy of Vatican recognition.

Congratulations Maghanoys! I have hope for us yet!

Posted on March 21, 2006 and filed under Maghanoy Madness.