BS Recap Returns - Daniel Part 6

In the Lions Den. Well our lazy BS has returned from hiatus to finish the last of the Daniel "stories", with the most famous of all the Lions Den. So now that the last king died after that whole "writing on the wall" incident, there is a new King, Darius, who apparently loves Daniel and wants to make him administrator over all of Babylon, except that all the other administrators are jealous and hate Daniel. Instead of killing him or kidnapping him they develop this elaborate plan in which they get the King to agree to this irreversible decree that anyone who prays to anyone but the king for the next 30 days gets thrown into the lions den. Seems like a bit of a disproportional punishment, don't you think? Susan had this theory that King Darius was partying drunk when he signed the decree, because seriously, that makes no sense. Predictably Daniel is not intimidated by this pray and die edict and goes up to his room as scheduled and prays "with the window open facing Jerusalem". Daniel is way brave/crazy! The bs as whole agreed that as faithless wusses we would be praying in the closet under a blanket. So all the other administrators catch him praying and the King is forced to throw him in with the Lions. After a sleepless and "entertainment" free night the King runs down and says "Hey Daniel, did your God save you?" And much to his relief Daniel is like "Yup still here, praise be to God!" Wow, so having complied with the decree the King lets Daniel out and throws the administrators and their families in there instead. The Lions eat them all. Harsh. But they kind of asked for it, I guess like many evil people, they didn't really think through the consequences of what if God does exist and is powerful. Sure it all works smoothly if Daniel is praying to a pretend God, but what if he isn't? Then you get eaten.

Note to self: Think about all contingencies when plotting evil. Anyways, then Darius writes a LETTER TO THE WORLD... this seems to be very popular in Babylon at this time. The LETTER TO THE WORLD is quite poetic in my opinion. You can find it at the end of Daniel 6.

Lessons?: We all decided that Daniel was far more heroic than we could imagine being, but it's nice to have someone to look up to, like an MLK, Cesar Chavez or a Bishop Romero. And it's good to know with God, it is possible that you might just be able to stand up for your beliefs when the chips come down.

Posted on March 16, 2006 and filed under Nothing to Do with Anything.