Liberation from the Crapartment!

Quote of the Day "So do you think if I googled crapartment that your website would come up?" -Susan  Well, I tried it my friend and I am glad to say that yes if you try googling crapartment is the first site to appear! Another significant moment for the website. 

In other extremely significant and joyful news I am happy to report that Arnold and I are one step away from being fully liberated from the crapartment. After much hard labor by a dedicated team of friends Sara, Scando, Lisa and Kuarzy we are free from the freezing, infested terror that has been our home for the past four years. I won't lie, the process of moving was horrifying, I can't even go into all the details because it's exhausting just thinking about it, but the finale is that Arnold and I are currently residing, not at our new place, but at Sara's because our new apartment was not ready for us on moving day. Our stuff is in the garage of the new apartment, we however haven't made it in yet. This should be a temporary setback and I must say that at Sara's the accommodations are deluxe! Not only is there heat, but it's very clean, light rail adjacent, comes complete with two other twenty somethings for me to gossip with and there is cable tv! Best of all are the things it comes without, crazy people who scream obscenities at three in the morning, elephants tramping up and down the stairs by our heads, and weirdos who come to feed the stray cats by our front door. Fantastic! 

And now in the tradition of boring Oscar speeches and teary wedding toasts: a heartfelt thank you from Arnold and Amelie... 

Scando-For taking charge of this whole packing project as Amelie was so obviously incapacitated by the process 

Lisa-For not only packing for six hours but offering of your own free volition to return and clean, also for saving me when I was about to be crushed by my IKEA wardrobe 

Kuarzy- For coming to pack with a sinus infection! 

Chhimi and Tabitha - for making a baby and then making lots of food to celebrate the baby, and then letting me take lots of the food home for a starving and slightly dispirited Arnold 

My parents - For amusing me by continuing the tradition of leaving bizarre, urgent phone messages for un-urgent reasons. 

"Hi MLE, this is your Mom, I am calling from Dad's cell phone ( my Mom likes to announce where she is calling from). Call me back on Dad's cell phone.
One hour after I receive my Mom's call
"Hi honey, this is your Dad, okay? Call me back. Okay? Call me pronto."
When I call my Dad...
MLE: Hey Dad what's up?
GAD Oh, nothing, I wanted to take a nap but your Mom said no, so we're driving somewhere... How was the move?

In my life I have been fortunate to blessed with a great, insane, loving family, I mean I am a Maghanoy! How much better could it get? But I have also been fortunate to have friends who I love as if each one of them were Maghanoys. You are all blessings to us and despite all the technical problems of moving, when I think about this weekend I can only think about how blessed we are to have friends like you.

Posted on March 6, 2006 and filed under Maghanoy Madness.