Lawyer UP

Quote of the day "You have to choose Emily, good or evil" - Kuarzy Serious quote of the date: "Poverty is the worst form of violence" - Mohandas Gandhi

So today I am being initiated into a rite of passage of American culture, meeting with a lawyer! Thanks to my awesome employer I have access to a 1/2 hour consultation with a renters rights lawyer and will find out once and for all if what my landlord is doing is illegal or not. Good thing too since according to the news another cold front is about to move through town. Before today my only contact with legal proceedings was sharing meals with Mags' family. Seriously, you must have your head straight if you are going to survive a meal with them, the dinnertime conversation is fierce...

On the front of other noticias it looks like we'll be able to move into our new place a week earlier than possible which is all kinds of good news! Especially seeing as our new place

1) Comes equipped with a new technology known as a "functioning heater"

2) Does not suck

3) Has a bathroom that is not located in the kitchen

4) Has doors

5) Does not come with evil landlord intent our killing Arnold and I via carbon monoxide poisoning our wasp attacks

I'm SO VERY EXCITED! Also next week is Ash Wednesday which means the beginning of LENT! I love Lent and this year is going to be even better, a time of renewal and new beginnings in a new place to live!

Posted on February 24, 2006 and filed under Livin la Vida Loca.