The controversy continues... Well our disagreement with the our landlord rages on with our the owner of crapartment saying he was "sorry for our inconvenience" (since when has not having heat in the winter been considered an inconvenience?) He's currently vacationing in Arizona which is apparently why he has chosen not to answer any of my e-mails and has no idea when our heat will be restored. What a swell guy! I am heartened by knowing I am not the first in my family to deal with ridiculous housing situations. For reference I offer you a link to Sage and Randy's account of "the siege"

To lighten my dark mood surrounding my dubious housing situation I'm giving you some more family fun a vignette from little brother...

Okay okay your going to love this, This one time in back in high school In my government class, we were doing debates, and on that day the debate was euthanasia, near the end of the debate after the whole time of me intently being tuned in to both of the opposing teams, the students were allowed to go up to the podium and ask a question to any side. So I go up to the podium and I'm about to ask my question when everything I had listened about euthanasia totally erased out of my mind! So I looked at the teacher and said, "Okay so this euthanasia has nothing to do with asia right?" The whole class and the teacher erupted in laughter, as for me I lost talking privileges for the rest of the school year!

Posted on February 22, 2006 and filed under Maghanoy Madness.