BS Update

Okay so I took pictures of the crapartment but I feel they do not convey its pure essence of disgusting so I'm not going to post them. Sorry to disappoint... but good news, today is Thursday. I've decided that Thursday is BS update day. That is my musings from last nights bible study which could be BS.... see what I did there? With the double meaning? Some would say pointing out a joke makes it less funny but I say WHATEVER humor nazi... So the BS is studying the book of Daniel, famous for stories of lions and people burning up and being saved by Angels and stuff, that makes those who went to Sunday school think about animated cartoons and felt puppets. Last night we read Chapter 4 which was a little crazy.

Summary: King Nebuchadnezzar writes a letter to the WORLD, yes the world, weird. Anyways the letter says that God took him out to live like an animal in the wilderness for seven years (It doesn't mention how God took him out to the wilderness, at bible study there was speculation about this, my vote was for magical whirlwind, but I think that is just a result of too much Harry Potter) until he decided that God was the only true God and repented of his sins including excessive pride and oppressing the poor. And he writes the letter to let everyone know that God is the living God over all the world.

Can you imagine if that happened now? King Nebuchadnezzar was one of the most powerful leaders in the world at that time. It's like if President Bush held a press conference to discuss the world and tell them that God made him spend time living with animals in the wilderness until he repented of his sins... it would be crazy! Enjoyable of course, but very unexpected.

So the other part is that Nebuchadnezzar got a warning about this whole "you will be exiled to live in the wilderness if you do not repent" plan a year before it actually happened.

Possible lessons? If you get a warning like that, try to heed it before you get kicked out into the desert. Also if you get a warning from God, best to heed it... also don't be arrogant or oppress the poor... So much work to do, it's exhausting ...

Posted on February 16, 2006 and filed under Livin la Vida Loca.