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Weekend Update #54-Bay to Breakers

One of my New Years Resolutions was to run Bay to Breakers. Check! We ran on Sunday and it was absolutely beautiful. We had so much fun and I'm still on a high. One of my co-workers commented that I seemed euphoric. I guess having fun will do that to you.

I'm giddy to share about our weekend of "Big Eating" and running... but seeing as I still have a tax audit to deal with, it'll be awhile.

As the bloggers say "le sigh". Until then, here's a sneak preview of things to come!


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Weekend Update #52-Big Deal Weekend Edition

I'm a little late on weekend update, but as you all know it was a big weekend. I needed some time to digest Sunday's unexpected news regarding Bin Laden's death. For me it brought on a lot of complicated emotions and hard memories. I was mulling over writing a post about it, but honestly for me, it was too big to blog. Others were better able to tackle my thoughts and feelings and I think Becc said it perfect: it's complicated. Thankfully her eloquence gives me the freedom to move to the much lighter events of a weekend that I very much enjoyed. First off, I have to let you know that I am once again "internet famous" having been given the opportunity to toss around superlatives in an interview about my feelings regarding the closing of a favorite local business "La Bonne Soup". In summary? I was sad, very sad. My devastation turned to jubilation the next morning however when I cheered on my rockstar husband who ran the American River Parkway Marathon in less than two hours! I was so proud, he is a superhero.

Running(or spectacting) is exhausting so we were forced to stuff our faces later that day at Sactomofo, our cities first annual Mobile Food Cart Festival.

I live a hard life, I know. I suffer.

And after all of that? The crown jewel of the weekend: our royal wedding tea party. Like all lukewarm royal-watchers I got my friends together for high tea and a wedding viewing a mere three days after the actual event. With no boys over the age of four allowed we indulged in sentimental weepiness, crazy hats and tiny sandwiches. It was decided we should make it an annual event. I look forward to explaining to Elian why his Mom's crazy-old-lady friends are celebrating strangers' wedding a decade from now.

Fascinating Fascinators

Prince Williams' Fav: Chocolate Biscuit Cake

Homemade Lemon Curd and Devonshire Cream

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Weekend Update #51-Spring Break Edition

We took advantage of Arnold's spring break last week to visit my family in Southern California. There were beach visits, blogger meet-ups, wine-tasting and all manner of things wonderful. Smitten grandparents who are more than happy to entertain a high-energy toddler were defenitely the prescription for first-time parents running on fumes. I've always thought that the suburb my family lives in is boring, but through Elian's eyes everything becomes magical. Even the 25 mph in front of my parents community is cause for celebration.

Viva la Spring Break y que viva la 25!

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