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Five for Friday

  1. Blog Love: My friend Matt is not only a real-live published author (the dream!) but he also runs a very cool blog. I am digging this post: a reading list for evangelical Christians written by an ex-Christian theology professor.
  2. Donuts: I pass this new local shop "Doughbot Donut" every day on my way to work. Yesterday I finally gave in and ooh it was heaven. They have a donut called "The Dude" which is filled with Bavarian cream and topped with Kahlua icing. Uh, yeah. I'll be back. Locals can check out their website here
  3. Blog Love Pt. 2: My friend Em is hooked on Rachel Held Evans blog about faith and it's many questions. She has a great series called "Ask a..." in which she does interviews with people from different faiths and perspectives. It's really thought-provoking. Check it out here.
  4. More food: I want to eat everything, everyday on Spoon. Fork. Bacon.

  5. TV: I was hesitant to try out the New Girl but how could I resist Zooey Deschanel. It's still finding it's footing but I think it's pretty funny so far. :)

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Five for Friday-Not so Subtle Friday before Birthday Edition

1. Everyone is dying to get there hands on Grace Bonney's first book, right? I am. 2. I love Kelly now and forever. The end. Can't wait for the new album to drop.

3. Bridesmaids is coming out one week after my birthday. I feel that it is fate that someone purchase it for me. Like my mixer I'm sending that wish out into the world. I've already called my friend Kim and we've decided that the first viewing will require us to buy a giant, party-size cookie which we will punch assertively and then eat aggressively.

4. As the Rick Bayless project nears its end I find myself eyeing cookbooks like possible suitors. Will you be the next one I whisper sweetly? This is a def contender. After all I should know how to cook my peoples food. I can't rely on my Dad forever. The recipes in this one are not simple but they are quality. I made the adobo last year and my friends happily slurped it up in Tahoe. Support my peoples and buy it here.

5. This satisfies my multiple geek personalities. Chart geek? Check. Design Geek? Check. Wilipina geek who raps along with TI in the car? Double CH-CH-CHECK! Find it here.





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Five for Friday-Harry Potter Edition

Ugh, I was (as usual) a late-adopter of the Harry Potter mania but once I get on board with something. I get ON BOARD. How could I not? They are beautiful books. I'll be watching the movie tonight wearing a cape with the rest of the nerd herd. 1. This is the definition of Ugly Duckling. I cannot believe how hot that Neville kid turned out. Revenge of the Nerds. Bwah-ha-ha-ha!

 2. Blog Love: LaineyGossip is my fav-o-rite gossip site and she is a huge Potter fan, undying nerd love just like me.

3. Re-posting this awesome speech by JK Rowling in which she talks about how her time working at Amnesty International informed Harry's battle against evil. Check it at the Harvard Magazine.

4.Semi-Interesting Fact: At some point I talked about Emma Watson as Hermione Granger on my blog. My stats have been through the roof this week as people look that up. You are welcome Hermione fans.

5. I can't believe it's over. I'll probably cry watching the movie tonight.

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Five for Friday

1.Please somebody make me this pie. Stat!

2. Awwwwww. So sweet.

3. I love that Emma Watson just went crazy. Last premiere is like your Junior Prom, it's only going to happen once, so blow it OUT!

4. Not that I need more cookbooks, but... it's so hot right now.

5. I love SF and these prints.

Marisa Seguin at Etsy

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Five for Friday

Have a wonderful weekend errbody! If you don't have plans I've got 5 for your Friday! 1. I've had Uighur Nan. It's beautiful and delicious.

2. I am an Internet genius who figured out how to make a Facebook Fan Page. Please boost my self-esteem and "like" me here!

3. I got this book from the library and the next thing I know NPR is fangirling all over it. It's an all veggie-cookbook with beautiful pictures. I am a third grader so I need cookbooks with pictures. Recommended.

4. I have no picture to share but my friend made the most amazing Pasta Bolognese last week. It was so delicious that I am now obsessed with convincing her to be my sister wife so I can eat bolognese everyday. Check out the recipe here.

5. So You Think You Can Dance is starting to bring it's A-Game. I present to you exhibit, well, Exhibit A! A story about a guy who gets stood up at his wedding and then realizes it don't mean a thang cause he loves his best friend.

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