2016: Rise Up

Lin Manuel Miranda and Leslie Odom Jr. in Cosmopolitan Magazine

Lin Manuel Miranda and Leslie Odom Jr. in Cosmopolitan Magazine

So hey interwebs?! Long time no see! I mean I see you everyday (far too much cause I'm an addict) but I've been lurking online and werking offline and anyways for a long time I just didn't have anything to say. But like A. HAM I need to let heartfelt posts about natural disasters be the beginning of the story not the end, right? So yeah. Here we go:

2015 was a pretty insane year. I worked hard and played hard and cried a lot. I learned to butterfly and run and did this discipleship program at church that grabbed me by the collar and shook me around like a puppy. I started stepping out in a big way. I read a crap ton of books.  It was the year of Hamilton and Star Wars and all sorts of stuff that I can barely remember anymore. It brought the first chapter of my career to a close and opened up dreams I never previously considered. It was a lot of sad goodbyes and exciting new beginnings. It was ALL THE THINGS and now it's over.

2016 is gonna be a big year for me. I'm starting off with my first ever sabbatical, ridding my house of objects that do not "spark joy" and battening down the hatches as I work on building an Empire. It's all very exciting and scary and awesome and also means I don't have time for New Years resolutions like "flossing" and "being a better person" and all that. And to be honest, I'm neurotically goal oriented and my FitBit already controls my life so I need resolutions of the chill out variety. Thus dear interwebs I present to you the 2016 Resolutions. Feel free to hold me accountable.

Your obedient servant, M.L.E.

1. Attend/host an emotastic Phantom of the Opera (The movie because.... MY GOD PATRICK WILSON!) sing-along. Eyeliner mandatory. Bonus points if you wear something that seems like it was purchased at Hot Topic.

2. Do proper vocal warm ups every day so that you can nail Christine's high note in aforementioned sing along. I solemnly swear that after 3 semesters of voice class I'm *almost there.

3. Buy some pajamas that "spark joy". (I'm eyeing some of the Star Wars variety but I'm not gonna be uptight about it cause I'm so chill)

4. Get a bunting for my mantel that says "Turn down for what?!" because I just recently saw the music video (I know. I know!) and it made my life.

5. Start wearing lipstick and getting manicures on the reg because it brings me pozzie vibes.

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