Top 5 Update

I'm back at Camp Mighty. As you can see, it's super ugly here at the Ace in Palm Springs. I hate how the light changes every five minues so that the mountains are always a different, spectacular color. The spa is too big as well and the starlight is always in my eyes. Whatever.

Despite these sufferings I soldier on.

Part of the Camp Mighty experience is choosing 5 things on your Life List that you'd like to complete in the next year. The idea is to network with others to get inspired and make it happen. Below is my list from last year. Some of these things I accomplished (custom designed my blog)! Some I did not accomplish (still can't break dance-oops) but as I prepped my list to come here I realized there were a lot of things I've done that I never wrote about. Some of them were memorable things that I'd like to reflect on and commemorate. I hope that in the coming days I'll overcome my blog-phobia to share them here.

Posted on October 18, 2013 .