Life List: Be on a podcast

Last October I impulsively put “Be on a podcast” as one of my five lifelist items to complete for the year. At the time I had no other motivation other than it seemed like it would be fun. (See also: compulsive need to talk). I figured if I was persistent I could convince somebody to let me be a guest on their podcast. Luckily I forgot about that plan and instead called my friend Renee. Renee and I are good at dreaming up projects but we have a not-so-pristine track record of execution. There are multiple ½ choreographed Justin Timberlake dance routine in our pasts. While our dance careers are (ahem) stalled, podcasting is a blast! After a brief discussion we realized the best use of our podcast would be to share our “expert” advice in a humorous advice-column format. Just to make sure no one takes us too seriously, we decided to name our podcast “Ego Circus”

Currently we are taping episodes in which we give ourselves advice whilst pretentiously treating the minutiae of our lives with epic importance. Our philosophy is that crazy is like an animal that feeds on isolation so we're giving our superegos a break from their solitude. Share the crazy! When exposed to light it shrinks in size.

You can subscribe to Ego Circus on iTunes and I would love it if you check it out and even better if you can leave us a positive review! Click here to check it out!

PS- The podcast contains topics and language not suitable for work or kiddos so click with caution!  

Posted on October 19, 2013 .