There are certain places that everybody dreads going.  The DMV comes to mind.  And I think 2nd place might be a consulate. Any consulate really.  Mostly I dislike them because they are usually: A) Closed (They all take both countries' holidays)

B) In San Francisco in a no-parking area.

C) Full of bored bureaucrats who are totally disinterested in helping you.

Honestly though, it is a good thing when you are going to a consulate to get your ADOPTION VISA.  Such a good thing that you will be ready to face the lady who rolls her eyes at you because she is soverybusyandimportant and has "so many people in front of her in line"  Consulates also have unnecessary rules like the chinese consulate's insistence that your visa application be hand-delivered by you or a friend.  What-why?  Does that make sense?  How is your friend delivering the application better than mailing it?

Anyways, today I posted over at Colombian Kids about getting my Adoption Visa.  Hop on over here.  There are tacos, improperly hung Colombian flags and lots of me complaining.

And just because I believe in blogging with pictures here is one of Nutty in front of Arnold's portrait of her.  We are doting on her during her last week of being the star.

Posted on December 15, 2009 and filed under Adoption.