Hi my name is Emily and I'm notoriously extroverted, ridiculous and ready to sing at any point in time.

I'm a creative in California. I like to create spaces (tangible and intangible) where people can share their hearts.

Welcome to my internet home!

If this site was a person it would be 1/2 Bridget Jones, 1/2 Amelie Poulin and 1/2 Kanye West: that is to say full of good intentions, strange outcomes, artistic passions, inconvenient outbursts, and a little bit of swagger.


Things I like include: reading, singing, contemplating the enneagram (Type 2!), Jesus, baking birthday cakes for people, dance parties for one, dance parties for one million, YouTube hilarity, eating peanutbutter straight from the jar, takeout food, vacations to NY, vacations to anywhere, karaoke, Colombians, TV, design blogs and the fact that my husband cleans stuff. Also the New Kids on the Block and Shakira. Don't cross me when it comes to NKOTB and Shakira.

Things that I don't like include: when I forget to put the laundry in the dryer and it sits in the washer going gross, people who breathe all weird like they're having an orgasm in yoga class, people who are slow when I am in a hurry, people who are cruel, when they make me drag tires around at the gym, whatever the hell is happening to my metabolism and okra. I tried to like Okra, really I did. I think it's just not going to happen. I'm sorry okra, it's not me, it's you.